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Angelic Confessions


She was an angel born outside of heaven, meant to destroy the children of light.


Aye was taken in by Father and was raised among the children of light. Keeping her true ideanty sealed to protect them and her. 


Dark forces seeking to unlock Aye's dark nature, that could destroy Aye and the world. 


An Elite guard (Mercy to the father.) Pio is assigned to become Aye's guardian.  To protect from Sinister forces lurking within their depths to unlock Aye's dark nature. 


Through fates design Pio finds himself falling in love with Aye against Father's wishs. 

Creator of all. He knows Aye's destiny is to destroy him. However she is the daughter to his own. With his heart filled with love he finds he can not destroy her. 


Wiping away Aye's memories Father raises Aye as his own creation. All the while knowing that darkness lurks within her seeking an escape.


A mysterious Angel with red hair wanders in and out of Aye's life. She stands beside Father on many occasion and baffles Aye as to her relation. 


Deep down Aye knows this red curl's Angel means something to her, but what Aye does not know. 

Red Curl's Angel

God of Fire. Uriel is also a weaver of spells and bindings.


He is the one that created the seals around Aye's mind, that constricts the dark nature of her inner self. 


Archangel and Healer. 


Raphael takes on the task of mentoring/teaching Aye in the ways of healing magic.


He knows of the inner darkness lurking in her being and believes with the teaching she is undertaking it will help create a barrier from the destructive nature within. 





Father's stoic creation and one of the prominent Archangels.


There are rumors flying among the heavens whispering about where Michaels true loyalties lay.


In one choice encounter Aye find herself in a tight situation that reveals Michael's true intentions. 

Head of Incarnation.


Gabriel holds the power to help Angels go through incarnation to become human.


When Father caves to Aye's demands he will risk her safety by having Gabriel change her into one of her beloved humans.


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